Service Times: 9:30 and 11:15am


Posted on 16 Jul 2017, Pastor: Shayne Walters
Honor is so important that when Jesus was surrounded by people who lacked honor, it stopped Jesus from being able to do miracles in his home town. Today we discuss how our society has come to a place where we lack honor and confuse it with respect.
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Vision Sunday

Posted on 09 Jul 2017, Pastor: Shayne Walters
We are in a battle and even if we are winning, we will experience fatigue. We cannot confuse our fatigue with defeat. Today we discuss the exciting season we are in at Mosaic and how we can each personally grow because of it.
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Better Together

Posted on 02 Jul 2017, Pastor: Shayne Walters
We will always be better together as God’s mosaic than we can be apart. Today we examine how God can do so much more through us together as a whole and how the world will see us differently because of it.
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Do You Want

Posted on 25 Jun 2017, Pastor: Shayne Walters
God is not trying to heal us temporarily but eternally. Today we examine how our goal is often to get a quick fix when the struggles in our life exist to bring us in line with God’s will.
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Pick Me, Pick Me!

Posted on 18 Jun 2017, Pastor: Shayne Walters
To correctly respond to God’s direction for our life, we need to understand who God is and who we are. Today we examine 3 characters from the Bible and how they responded to God due to their own view of God and themselves.
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Intentional Prayer

Posted on 11 Jun 2017, Pastor: Deb Boatman
God is moving around us, but how often are we focusing elsewhere when we could access Him if we would just be intentional.
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My Best Five

Posted on 04 Jun 2017, Pastor: Matt/Keynan/Brian/Tiffany/Shayne
We launch our new “The Talk” series with a special service called “My Best Five”. In this service, we have five speakers give their best 5 minute message about prayer.
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True Compassion

Posted on 28 May 2017, Pastor: Shayne Walters
Do you care about people with different world views, or do you consider them as opposition? Today we consider how we can often show compassion only when it is convenient while God is calling us to have compassion for everyone.
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Quit Pretending Religion Will Save You

Posted on 21 May 2017, Pastor: Shayne Walters
Today we finish the Quit Pretending series by discussing how we shouldn’t judge our faith by the law, but instead by the the fruit of our relationship with Christ.
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Posted on 17 May 2017, Pastor: Matt Powers
For this special Well service featuring Matt Powers, we examine how so many of us celebrate Christ in other people’s lives but don’t experience Him our own since we are leaving Him at the door whenever we leave church.
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