Service Times: 9:30 and 11:15am

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Missions Missions Café

Grounds Keeper

Responsible for purchasing supplies and keeping cafe stocked and tidy. Scheduling the volunteers monthly to serve in the cafe. Training of all cafe volunteers.

Mosaic Kids Ministries

Mosaic Minis Lead or Assistant

Children ages 6 weeks – 24 months.

Caring for and tending to the needs of the children while lovingly and playfully exposing them to God’s love!

– Time Commitment: 1 hour 45 minutes Sunday service

Mosaic Movers Teacher or Assistant

Children ages 2 years – 5 years.

Providing an exciting and adventurous atmosphere for them to explore God’s world and His love for them. Helping video lessons come to life through play and prayer for these young Christ followers.

– Time Commitment: 1 hour 45 minutes Sunday service

Mosaic Kids Small Group Coach

Children ages 1st grade – 5th grade.

Mentoring a small group of students and helping to foster their growth in Christ.

– Time Commitment: 1 hour 45 minutes Sunday service

Mosaic Kids Large Group Lead

Children ages 1st grade – 5th grade.

Helping to develop the main ideas and bottom lines of the lessons and delivering them in a creative and powerful way!

– Time Commitment: 1 hour 45 minutes Sunday service

Mosaic Kids Worship Team

Develop, lead, perform, and create an amazing worship experience.

– Time Commitment: 1 hour 45 minutes Sunday service; some practice outside of Sunday service required

Mosaic Kids sound Team

Enhance the Mosaic Kids large lesson experience through sound, light and video application!

– Time Commitment: 1 hour 45 minutes Sunday service

Mosaic Kids Check -In

Children and families of all ages.

Welcome and check in families with children in an upbeat, efficient, and safe manner. Make sure the children get to the right classroom and answer any questions they have.

– Time Commitment: 1 hour 45 minutes Sunday service
– Time commitment to all Mosaic Kids ministries – 1 hour 45 minutes weekly, bi-weekly, monthly

Mosaic Student Ministries

MSM Coach

Want to dive right in and mentor teenagers? This requires a Sunday evening weekly commitment, and focuses on developing and maintaining deep relationships with 5 to 7 students.

– Time commitment: 2 hours weekly, and 2 hour monthly meeting

MSM Greeter

Be the energetic, smiling face that greets the students as they walk in the door.
– Time commitment: 2 hours weekly, and 2 hour monthly meeting

MSM Childcare

Want to support the ministry but think teens smell funny and are too loud? Then come watch the cute little babies of the other volunteers!

– Time commitment: 2 hours weekly, bi-weekly, monthly

MSM Worship Team

Helping to guide students with their musical gifts by teaching them how to worship and leading them to a powerful and meaningful worship experience.

– Time commitment: 2-3 hours weekly, bi-weekly, monthly

MSM Sr. High Small Group Host Home

Open your home once a week to one of our MSM small groups, so they have a safe and welcoming place to gather and grow.

– Time commitment: 2 hours weekly

MSM 678 Small Group Host Home

Open your home bi-weekly to one of our MSM small groups, so they have a safe and welcoming place to gather and grow.

– Time commitment: 2 hours bi-weekly

Hospitality Ministries

Greeter Ministry

These team members are people that truly help Mosaic shine on a Sunday morning! You will be the first person that everyone sees in the morning and you could help make them feel a little brighter! You may be welcoming a first time guest, an overwhelmed mom, or a large family who just made it here in the nick of time for service. Should anyone need direction or assistant in the building you can direct them appropriately. You should have a friendly demeanor and like to smile to be a part of this ministry.

– 1 hour weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

Guest Services Host

As a guest services host, you get to help guide people directionally and help answer their questions. You will get to connect people to ministries we offer in the church and/or get them plugged into serving in their area of interest.

– 1 hr weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

Parking Lot Team

This ministry is vitally important to the success of what we do on a Sunday morning. As the first person they see as they enter The Mosaic campus, the Mosaic Parking lot team is there to assist people in finding a spot to park, welcoming first time guests and being on their “A” game to assist with variousness as they enter the building (i.e assist the elderly, carry bags for moms, etc.)

– 1 hr weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

Usher Ministry

These individuals serve a greater purpose than just collecting the offering as gas into the main auditorium these individuals serve as hosts. they will do anything from collecting offering, showing people to their seats, getting someone water or coffee, taking up the offering, monitoring the atmosphere for issues and giving assistance in anyway possible.

– 1 hour weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

Campus Host

This ministry is a great opportunity for those who are familiar with the church and committed to make others experience. It is a ministry that provides stability, visibility And leadership to each campus. They are pivotal in greeting new guests, checking in on volunteers and being the on site contact should any issues/emergencies arise.

– 2.5 hours monthly

Creative Arts Ministries

Worship Team

This ministry is for individuals who display and express a gift in the area of music. This team strives for excellence and not to just perform, but to create an environment where people can enter into the presence of God through worship. If this is something you love to do or would love to grow in, this is the ministry for you!

– 4 hours weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly
– 1 mid-week practice per Sunday scheduled

Pro-presenter Team

This team drives the visual effects at Mosaic Cincinnati. This ministry is in charge of displaying the worship music lyrics, captivating videos and message slides. This role requires people that are attentive and have great attention to detail to ensure that our Sunday services are enjoyable and engaging for everyone.

– 2 hours weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly

Sound Team

This team is a very important part of our Sunday morning services. As a member of this team you will get to provide an engaging and pleasant sounding atmosphere for our guests by keeping the audio level for our music, speakers and videos in check. This team plays a large part in keeping people engaged and free from distractions during the message.

– 2 hours weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
– 1 mid-week practice per Sunday scheduled

Creative Team

If you are creative in any way, you will enjoy this team! You will be able to create a diverse and exciting atmosphere for our Sunday morning experience through a variety of worship experiences and elements including fine arts, videos, staging, interactive experiences, and sermon development.

– Flexible based on availability

Baptism Ministries

Team Coordinator

As the team coordinator you will get the chance to walk new believers through the process of their Sunday morning baptism. This includes communicating with them before their baptism service, scheduling the team to serve during the baptism service, and providing any communication needed for those being baptized.

– 4 hours of serving time per scheduled baptism service (typically once a month or less)

Baptism Team Member

Assist, encourage and provide directional instructions to those who are being baptized prior to and during the baptism service. This includes getting them in line for the baptism, making sure they know the process and what to expect.

– 1 hour per scheduled baptism service

Baptism Photographer

As a baptism photographer you will get the chance to capture this special and significant day for those being baptized and their families. This ministry requires you be at your scheduled baptism service in time to snap the photos and then time outside of the Sunday service to edit the photos and get them uploaded or emailed to the correct location.

– 2 hours per scheduled baptism service (includes editing time)

Small Group Ministries

Small Group Team Leader

Facilitate the focus, purpose, and the mission of the small group.

Mosaic Cares Ministries

Mosaic Meals Team

Food is love! Be an extension of God’s love by preparing a meal for a new mom, single mom, or homebound individual. This ministry is based on need and will be communicated with you via email. You can choose to respond when you are available to be a blessing!

– As needed basis

Labor Of Love Team

Would you consider yourself handy? Great! This ministry team is designed to help take care of labor needs of those in need in our community such as yard work, minor house or car repairs, or other tasks that could use an extra set of hands. This ministry is on a as needed basis and you can choose the opportunities that suit your schedule and help as often as you like.

– As needed basis

Mosaic Cares Benevolence

Taking the opportunity to minister to those whoa re in need of food and or gas helping assess where they are, and guiding them to plan where they are headed.

-As needed basis

Clean Team

Clean Team Member

The Clean Team is responsible for keeping the church clean, attractive, and well-maintained between services, events, and various church activities. Areas of responsibility that must be cleaned each week include: sanctuary, foyer, fellowship hall, Sunday school rooms, nursery, kitchen, bathrooms and offices.

– Time Commitment for individual areas: 1 hour 30 minutes weekly, bi-weekly, monthly